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Career Option: Secretarial Practices Course in Delhi

With the increase in tertiary sector in India, it has opened a plethora of career opportunities to youngsters. Moreover, the Multinational Companies has contributed significant involvement.  Consequently, the courses like Secretarial Practices are introduced to develop the skill for modern office management. Secretarial Practice Course is for those who willing to serve as secretary, stenographer, typist, computer operator, receptionist, and administrative officer. Almost every company or organization Read more

Finding top Fine Arts College in Delhi

On finding the top fine arts college in Delhi, students usually come up with the expectation that the teacher must teach them a trick so that they can draw anything effortlessly. However, this is not only the reason why one should join an art college. Drawing and painting need talents and skills, period. But, this does not mean that fine arts is all about having a good drawing and painting skills. An art of any form should have innovations. That’s why we usually address an artist as Read more

Interior design ideas for small house

When you spend a significant amount of money on your house, you want every inch and every corner to speak your passion. Interior is another big concern after the construction of your house. Here are few tips for the interior designing that makes your home simply as the way you want. Proper Color schemes Most of the people make mistakes when choosing colors for the walls. It is recommended to decide the color at last. Color schemes play important role in shaping overall designing. The Read more

Fashion Industry in India 2017

India rules the international fashion market in its own way. The country has an ancient history of clothing. Being the land of oldest known civilization, India has a remarkable contribution in textile and related industry. However, the modern professional fashion show was held just 20 years ago. Indian fashion industry in contemporary time is still rising and making its own in the International Market. In 2017, the fashion industry in India casts the growth of 3.5%. Let’s take a look at Read more

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Pollution and dirt are the enemies of glowing skin. Unfortunately, being a working lady, you cannot hide into your house. To restore this glow you need not spend too much money in parlors or on cosmetic products. Moreover, most of the cosmetic products contain chemicals that later harm your skin. Thus, even a beauty expert recommends natural stuff for cosmetics. Sometimes inadequate sleep, unhealthy diet, and smoking affect your skin tone; if you want to have perfect skin then make sure that Read more

Five tips for looking stylish on a budget

Being stylish and fashionable does not mean to wear expensive clothes or accessories. Fashion is a sense of creating ideas and choosing suitable clothes and accessories. Precisely, when it comes to fashion, the choices are limitless; there are huge varieties of clothes and accessories available that one can opt according to its taste and interest.For those who live in the Metro cities like Delhi, they can buy good clothes and accessories in their respective budget. Scroll down for the successful Read more

Women Polytechnic Institute in India

The motive is to bring women out of the conventional prison of the society. International Women Polytechnic was established in 1998, and since then the institute has crossed numerous milestones in educating and empowering women. At IWP, we believe in two most important conceptions: the first one is women equality and the second one is empowering women in the society. With such belief, we establish an education platform for women and offering them professional courses. The motive is to bring Read more

CAD for Fashion Design

Technology is itself a trend; it changes over a night and keeps changing the world. On collaboration two unrest things: technology and fashion, the results end with amazing and astonishing products that people have never witnessed before. This article guides to the technology like CAD and CAM, which significantly changed the fashion designers’ way of working. There is separate tuition for ‘how to use CAD and CAM’ in all the leading Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi or anywhere. Computer Read more

Fashion Designing Course after 10+2

A fashion designer designs clothes and accessories. fashion designing is a field of creativity and innovation. You may have heard the story of a designer telling how he/she was fascinated for clothing from childhood. Passion and creativity are the secret to survive in the industry; if you have both then you can be a prominent fashion designer. For those who have completed their senior secondary school and looking for a career in fashion designing, they need to figure out everything about this Read more

5 Helpful Tips for Primary Teachers

Precisely, what students expect from their teachers? You may come up with an obvious answer: teaching. However, this becomes so untrue in the case when teachers have to deal with the students of 3 to 8 years. They want their teacher to play and laugh with them. Being a teacher, you cannot avert learning from your classroom. You need to find a way that they keep learning without giving up their enjoyment. Thus, your NPTT Training Institute helps you to manage your classroom productively. Communication Usually, Read more
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