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Women Polytechnic Institute in India

The motive is to bring women out of the conventional prison of the society. International Women Polytechnic was established in 1998, and since then the institute has crossed numerous milestones in educating and empowering women. At IWP, we believe in two most important conceptions: the first one is women equality and the second one is empowering women in the society. With such belief, we establish an education platform for women and offering them professional courses. The motive is to bring Read more

CAD for Fashion Design

Technology is itself a trend; it changes over a night and keeps changing the world. On collaboration two unrest things: technology and fashion, the results end with amazing and astonishing products that people have never witnessed before. This article guides to the technology like CAD and CAM, which significantly changed the fashion designers’ way of working. There is separate tuition for ‘how to use CAD and CAM’ in all the leading Fashion Designing Institute in Delhi or anywhere. Computer Read more

Fashion Designing Course after 10+2

A fashion designer designs clothes and accessories. fashion designing is a field of creativity and innovation. You may have heard the story of a designer telling how he/she was fascinated for clothing from childhood. Passion and creativity are the secret to survive in the industry; if you have both then you can be a prominent fashion designer. For those who have completed their senior secondary school and looking for a career in fashion designing, they need to figure out everything about this Read more

5 Helpful Tips for Primary Teachers

Precisely, what students expect from their teachers? You may come up with an obvious answer: teaching. However, this becomes so untrue in the case when teachers have to deal with the students of 3 to 8 years. They want their teacher to play and laugh with them. Being a teacher, you cannot avert learning from your classroom. You need to find a way that they keep learning without giving up their enjoyment. Thus, your NPTT Training Institute helps you to manage your classroom productively. Communication Usually, Read more

Top Five Interior Designers of All Time

It is widely agreed that interior designing is not just an art of creating aesthetic and beautiful surroundings, but it is also a science of making our daily life comfortable and luxurious. The objective is always to convert the dream into reality. The designer has to be creative and conservative at the same time. They have to design a house in a good taste, though the taste itself varies with the people: which rather drop another responsibility on the designers’ shoulder – to come with a Read more

6 Vintage Fashion that Should Make Comeback

We should not forget that an art is not all about creating something new; sometimes, it can be rediscovering something that has been far forgotten. An artist either introduce something new that no one has ever witnessed or something that people disregarded. Technically, in both case, people will come up with a big WOW. No doubt, fashion is an art that transforms over a night. Nothing lasts forever in this industry except the change itself. However, there are few things that somehow manage Read more

Diploma in Art and Craft in Chandigarh

With such advanced technology, our artworks have been remarkably transformed. The technology allows the artist to add more reality in their artworks, but art is all about mind and innovation. That’s why Leonardo Da Vinci and Van Gogh are still alive in the heart of art-lovers. If you have already decided to make your career as an artist and you are seeking for an authorized qualification for such purpose then you need to consider a diploma in art and craft. Usually, an artist mind does Read more

Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Cosmetology

In recent times, unconventional courses are becoming infamous and more fruitful than the conventional ones. This article has put forward to describe such unconventional course that has opened a plethora of opportunities to students. Cosmetology is at its peak to offer most secure career options for youngsters. Let’s take a look at the job description and opportunities. Everyone wants to look good. Precisely women, they desire to look stunning throughout the day. In such concern, everyone needs Read more

Top Female Fashion Designers in India

We are talking about those women who have proven: the story of success never belongs to the patriarchal form of society. Leaving all the criticism behind, the women with fresh and innovative visions conquered the conventional society and established themselves as a most influential figure in the fashion world. Here goes the list of top five female fashion designers in India: Ritu Kumar: The pioneer of Indian Fashion art precisely traditional textiles, she started her career with Read more

Best of Indian Embroideries

With the needle and thread, we Indians have aesthetically mastered in decorating fabrics and from ancient time, we have been appreciated across the globe. One of the major accounts of this is, when Greek traveler Megasthenes came to India and appreciated the Indian Embroideries to different parts of the world. We have already talked about the best Indian fabrics earlier; this article is the continuation of same concern describing the best of Indian embroideries in India. Below are best of Read more
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