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Top 10 Indian Fashion Bloggers

A fashion is all about clothing, accessories, lifestyle and trend. Fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar industry; it has an impact on the ordinary people to dress and present beautiful. There are so many designers but some can’t afford to start with designer, so they choose DIY (Do It Yourself) fashions. You can find so many fashion bloggers available online here, you can get top 10 Indian Fashion Bloggers list. They help to learn the best ways to wear to look more confident. So if you are Read more

10 natural tips for healthy hair

Every girl wants to have long, shiny and healthy hairs to look beautiful. But presently life becomes so busy and hectic to have a look and care the hair. We always think what to do or what to not, similarly, to condition or not, to oil or not. We can get advice from every second person or from internet but never follow it.  Now, hair stylist recommends "hair spa, Moroccan oil, strengthening, rebonding and all." But all these things will only work if we have a proper balanced diet without any oily Read more

Interior Design Ideas for Small Kitchen

Interior design is an art and science to enhance the interiors of any space. An interior designer is a planner who research, coordinate, and manage the projects. It is a versatile profession to create the layout of any space. The deep knowledge of colors is essential to interior designer. Bigger place is not always better than smaller one, mainly, in the case of kitchens. Small kitchens are more efficient work spaces than the large ones. Some of the good ideas for small kitchen will keep your Read more

Top Female Fashion Designers in India

We are talking about those women who have proven: the story of success never belongs to the patriarchal form of society. Leaving all the criticism behind, the women with fresh and innovative visions conquered the conventional society and established themselves as a most influential figure in the fashion world. Here goes the list of top five female fashion designers in India: Ritu Kumar: The pioneer of Indian Fashion art precisely traditional textiles, she started her career with Read more

Careers in Cosmetology in India

For people taking up the profession of cosmetology was a unknown aspect years ago but now things have become easier, simpler and distinctive for all. Times have changed so much in India that people can find success and occupation in quick pace in fields that were not worth taking up. Talking about finding career in cosmetology alongside with a future that comes with not too much of educative skills is not only a lucrative opportunity to grab but also brings a prosperous income. International Read more

6 Vintage Fashion that Should Make Comeback

We should not forget that an art is not all about creating something new; sometimes, it can be rediscovering something that has been far forgotten. An artist either introduce something new that no one has ever witnessed or something that people disregarded. Technically, in both case, people will come up with a big WOW. No doubt, fashion is an art that transforms over a night. Nothing lasts forever in this industry except the change itself. However, there are few things that somehow manage Read more

Top ways to design small living room more beautifully

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home with small living room but excellent interior designing. Living room is a place where one can relax or feel free to do anything, like relaxing, playing video games, music and entertainment.  It should be neat and clean with soft fragrance and very well decorated. Let the natural light come in from the window with full length curtains, mirrors, furniture, lamps, and small showpieces or decorative items. So let’s have a look on some useful interior design Read more

Top Five Fashion Inventions that changed the fashion world

In many ways, the inventions have shaped the world and fashion is not an exception. When fashion world is the rapidly changing industry and many agreed with the notion that nothing lasts forever in the fashion world; there are some inventions that not just last for an unaccountable period of time but also transformed our lives. Here are the stories of most influential inventions in the fashion world: Denim The term denim comes from French phrase ‘Serge de Nimes’, means Serge. A Read more

Famous Portrait Paintings of All Times

Among the thousands of paintings across the globe, there are very few of them have created history and impressions that never fade away. The painters involved in such artworks are not just genius to create an epic but also bold enough to replicate their contemporary society. This post contains five infamous paintings painted in portrait that not just have created a distinct impression but also influenced the later artworks. Scroll down and have a look on these aesthetic works. Mona Lisa Mona Read more

Career Option: Secretarial Practices Course in Delhi

With the increase in tertiary sector in India, it has opened a plethora of career opportunities to youngsters. Moreover, the Multinational Companies has contributed significant involvement.  Consequently, the courses like Secretarial Practices are introduced to develop the skill for modern office management. Secretarial Practice Course is for those who willing to serve as secretary, stenographer, typist, computer operator, receptionist, and administrative officer. Almost every company or organization Read more
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